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Daklak Honey and royal jelly


Daklak Honey and royal jelly

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Honey has a long history of human consumption, having been used since ancient times both as a food and as a medicine.  It is used in various foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavoring. Flavors of honey vary based on the nectar source, and various types and grades of honey are available. It is also used in various medicinal traditions to treat ailments.  In addition to being a great natural sweetener, honey has a multitude of benefits that many people don’t know about.  Have you ever had an unrelenting sore throat? Honey has been proven to be a natural throat soother! Are you an athlete looking for a natural energy boost before the big game? Honey’s unique blend of natural sweeteners gives it the ability to provide quick energy in any circumstance.

Royal Jelly : is produced in the mandibular glands of young worker bees, this is the super food that is fed to the developing queen bees. In fact it is the royal jelly nutrition that causes female eggs to become queens and not workers! Royal jelly is high in protein and has tremendous benefits to human health. Royal jelly is often used as a supplementary vitamin or skin care product and has anti-aging benefits.

Honey and royal jelly is mixed together become a product contain nutrition for healthy of people.

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